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J. H. Baxter: a company with three primary businesses: wood treatment, chemical licensing and timberland management.



J. H. Baxter Super Fund Site Status: a toxic site found to have contaminated soils and groundwater at the J.H. Baxter Superfund Site in Weed, California. The assessment of the site revealed actual or threatened releases of hazardous substances from this site, if not addressed by implementing the response action selected in the Record of Decision (ROD), may present an imminent and substantial endangerment to public health, welfare, or the environment. They modified the previously selected remedy for contaminated groundwater and soils at the J.H. Baxter Superfund Site because studies undertaken under EPA’s direction to design the remedies selected in the 1990 ROD resulted in a significant increase in the understanding and in the estimated volume of Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (DNAPLs) in soil at the Site.



jaundiced: is a yellow color in the skin, the mucous membranes, or the eyes. The yellow pigment is from bilirubin, a byproduct of old red blood cells. If you’ve ever had a bruise, you may have noticed that the skin went through a series of color changes as it healed. When you saw yellow in the bruise, you were seeing bilirubin. Normally, about 1% of our red blood cells retire every day, to be replaced by fresh red blood cells. The old ones are processed in the liver and disposed of. Much of the resulting bilirubin leaves the body in the stool.



Jawbone Cavitations – Infarction, Infection & Systemic Disease: an article by Suzin Stockton. Jawbone cavitation is simply a hollow space or pocket in the bone. It is not readily visible to the eye and often causes no local discomfort, though it can be the hidden cause of facial pain syndromes (hence one of its names, NICO – Neuralgia Inducing Cavitational Osteonecrosis). The chief initiating factor is trauma to the jaw, often brought on by standard dental treatment.



jawbone osteitis: inflammation of the jaw bone.



Jen Qi: a Qigong term which means "true energy". Qigong counteracts the chronic stress and strain of daily life on the body as well as the mind, which in Chinese medicine are inseparable, and restores optimum equilibrium to essence, energy, and spirit. Qigong balances the depleting Yang fire energy of the temporal life by cultivating the soothing, restorative Yin water energy derived from hormones and neurochemicals.  To put this into a modern concept, qigong orchestrates perfect balance between body and brain by establishing a condition of beneficial biofeedback between the nervous and endocrine systems. This fosters "True Energy" (Jen Qi), which is the basis of human health and longevity.



Johns Hopkins: a university in Maryland that opened Feb. 22, 1876. The mission of The Johns Hopkins University is to educate its students and cultivate their capacity for life-long learning, to foster independent and original research, and to bring the benefits of discovery to the world.



Josephine: a county that is located in southwestern Oregon and was created by the Territorial Legislature on January 22, 1856, from the western half of Jackson County.