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January 2008


While I have not exceeded my hopes, I have exceeded my expectations. I am so much better that when all of this started in 1998. For that fact, I am much better than I have been in at least 30 years.


When this project began, I listed six chief complaints:

  1. Hot feet
  2. Foggy brain
  3. Speech/brain disconnect
  4. Ringing in ears
  5. Painful joints
  6. Painful back & neck

All but one of these (ear ringing) has virtually disappeared. And what I would have listed during the past ten years is very different from the original list. They would include:

  1. Color blindness
  2. Chronic fatigue
  3. Roughly eight years of unexplained outbursts of anger/rage occurring at increasing frequency
  4. Massive tears in both shoulders
  5. Dental cavitations, heavy metal toxicity
  6. Inability to cope with even minor stress
  7. Short-term memory loss
  8. Chronic pain and loss of function in both hips
  9. Malignant melanoma.


All of these have virtually disappeared as well.


This January my wife and I joined a spa. I am swimming aggressively (the breast stroke), lifting weights and walking aggressively. There is an ebb and flow to my exercise schedule, mostly because of work, which I hope will slow down by the end of the year, 2008.


My back and neck continue to improve. In February, I stopped using the proprioceptors because I was no longer testing to. And by May, my shoulders have evened out. The proprioceptors have done their job.


Testing has indicated that my cancer has returned twice this year so far (February and April). If indeed it has, I am successfully dealing with it.


I have visited the naturopath with decreasing frequency, only twice during the first six month of 2008.


I am having treatments by an MD/Osteopath who is really helping me. I can really feel progress in my structure after her treatments.


Remedies are plentiful. While I really don’t like taking them, I have to give them credit for helping me over the past ten years. I believe that I wouldn’t be alive without them. I also believe they have significantly improved my quality of life.


I wonder if my ear ringing and fungus will ever go away. They are minor irritants in comparison to all that I have listed above.


Be that as it may, the primary foci of my health care are two: maintaining careful watch on cancer (decreasing my fungal milieu) and addressing endocrine problems (primarily thyroid and adrenal).


I will continue to list the remedies I am or have taken since January 2008.







  • Fungus on torso, buttocks, and upper thighs
  • Ear ringing


  • Shedding skin from face
  • Itching legs and torso
  • Bumps on lower legs
  • Bumps on torso






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  • Nature-Throid

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