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Latex Allergy


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(Copyright 2005)

ISBN 0975973517)


60 Page Booklet describing some of the considerations to take into account when creating a latex-free dental office.  References updated 2014


Table of Contents


Section One: Understanding Latex Allergy

  • Distinguishing Between Contact Dermatitis & Latex Allergy
  • What is Latex?
  • Brief History of the Problem
  • Prevalence of Latex Allergy
  • Why Dentists Should be Concerned?
  • Latex-Free vs. Latex-Safe
  • Insurance and Legal Consideration

Section Two: Development, Symptoms, & Testing of Latex Allergy

  • How Latex Allergy Develops
  • Who is Most at Risk?
    • Persons at Risk for Developing a Type I Latex Allergy
  • Symptoms of Latex Allergy and Contact Dermatitis
    • Symptoms of Exposure
  • Managing the Symptoms of Exposure
  • Treatment of Anaphylaxis
    • Symptoms of Anaphylaxis
  • Routes of Latex Exposure
  • Cross-Reactivity & Latex Exposed Food
    • Cross-Reactive Foods Cross-reactivity & latex exposed food
  • Diagnosis and Testing
    • Allergy Testing Chart

Section Three:How to Prevent Latex Allergy at Your Dental Office

  • Minimizing the Risks
  • Latex vs. Synthetic Gloves
  • Criteria for Gloves Selection
  • Glove Use
    • General Guidelines for Proper Glove Use and Hand Hygiene
  • Develop a Policy for Creating a Latex-Safe Office
    • Basic Considerations for a Latex-Safe Work Environment

Section Four: Treatment of the Latex-Allergic Patient

  • Managing the Risks
  • Advanced Preparation
  • Establishing Environmental Controls
    • Thorough Cleaning
    • Maintaining Ventilation Systems
    • Miscellaneous Considerations
  • Inventory Latex-Containing Dental Materials
  • Patient Screening
    • What to Look For in Patient Screening
    • Patient Screening Follow-Up
  • Before the Patient Arrives
    • Prepare a Latex-Free Cart
  • During Patient Treatment

Latex-Free Dental Materials

  • Considerations for Gutta Percha
  • Considerations for Laboratory Work
  • Considerations for All Dental Materials
  • Dental Materials That Frequently Contain Latex
  • Other Common Materials That Frequently Contain Latex

End Notes


Appendix 1: Alternative Materials List


Appendix 2: Dental Supply Links (Manufacturers & Suppliers)


Appendix 3: Glove Types & Indications


Appendix 4: Glove Materials & Uses


Appendix 5: Patient Screening Questionnaire (Short Form)


Appendix 6: Patient Screening Questionnaire (Long Form)


Appendix 7: Useful Web Links