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Latex Allergy


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(Copyright 2005)

ISBN 0975973541


70 Page Booklet. - References updated 2014


Table of Contents


Section One: Understanding Latex Allergy

  • Brief History of the Problem
  • Prevalence and Incidence of Latex Allergy
  • Who is Most at Risk?
  • Persons at Risk for Developing a Type I Latex Allergy
  • The Most Vulnerable Populations
  • What is Latex?
  • Insurance and Legal Considerations

Section Two: Understanding Allergies and the Immune System

  • Immune System Basics
  • Natural Immunity
  • Adaptive Immunity
  • Type I Latex Allergy and the Allergic Response

Section Three: Symptoms of Latex Allergy

  • Distinguishing Between Contact Dermatitis and Latex Allergy
  • Symptoms of Latex Allergy and Contact Dermatitis
  • Symptoms of Exposure
  • Managing the Symptoms of Exposure
  • Treatment of Anaphylaxis

Section Four: Routes of Latex Exposure

Section Five: Finding Alternatives to Latex Gloves

Section Six: Cross-Reactivity

  • Understanding Cross-Reactions
  • Common Cross-Reactive Foods Cross- reactivity & latex exposed food
  • Similarities Between Cross-Reactive Substances
  • Other Cross-Reactive Substances
  • Pan-Allergens and Plant-Defense Related Proteins

Section Seven: Diagnosis and Testing

  • Diagnosis of Latex Allergy
  • Common Warning Signs
    Allergy Testing
  • Types of Allergy Tests
  • Absolute Contraindications to Skin Prick Testing
  • Relative Contraindications

Section Eight: Living With Latex Allergy

  • What to Do If You Become Sensitized or Allergic to Latex
  • Obtaining a Diagnosis
  • Basic Considerations
  • Reporting Latex Reactions
  • Alternative Approaches to Treatment
  • Latex Allergy Survival Checklist

Section Nine: Supplemental Information

APPENDIX 1: Latex Allergy Survival Strategies

  • General Considerations
  • Home
  • Work
  • Travel
  • Medical and Dental
  • Shopping
  • Foods and Restaurants
  • Children and Schools

APPENDIX 2: Material and Product Considerations

  • Natural vs. Synthetic Latex
  • The Challenge of Avoiding Latex Exposure
  • Obtaining Material Composition and Product Ingredient Information
  • Product Content Information and Allergen Databases
  • Advocacy Groups with Product Information
  • What to Look for When Identifying Potential Latex Content
  • Types of Materials That May Contain Latex
  • Alternative Materials

APPENDIX 3: Latex-Free Products

  • Cars and Travel
  • Child Care and Children’s Toys
  • Clothing and Undergarments
  • Cosmetics
  • Dental Supplies
  • Household Items
  • Medical Supplies
  • Miscellaneous Items
  • Office, School and Art Supplies
  • Personal Hygiene and Prophylactics
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Supplements and Remedies

APPENDIX 4: Glove Material Composition Table

APPENDIX 5: Latex Allergy Questionnaire

APPENDIX 6: Health Journal

APPENDIX 7: Helpful Web Links

APPENDIX 8: Helpful Abbreviations