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Advanced Medical Procedures for Naturopaths


Throughout much of this site, there are numerous remedies, procedures, and techniques described. Key to using all of them is determining priority: what is the body's highest need. Also important in many situations is establishing amount, frequency, and duration.


There are a variety of Body Biofeedback techniques that address these questions. Some are relatively simple; others are rather complicated and require extensive medical knowledge.


The articles to the right go into greater depth explaining the methodology, application, and benefits of Body Biofeedback. For additional information, see the resources listed below.


Background: a basic introduction, including an article by Ann McCombs, DO.


Clinical Kinesiology – the Cornerstone of Biocomputer Communication: an article by Robert Shane detailing the science behind body biofeedback techniques.


Manual Therapy: an explanation of the cranial-sacral system, and the techniques that are employed to maintain its balance.


Neural Kinesiology: an article by Dr. Louisa Williams and Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt that discusses muscle testing, therapy localization, and the use of homeopathic and isopathic medications.


Additional Resources

  • Applied Kinesiology: a brief history and explanation of Dr. George Goodheart’s work.
  • Clinical Kinesiology: a brief history and explanation of Dr. Alan Beardall’s work.
  • Dietrich Klinghardt: the web site of this co-developer of NK/ART
  • Hand Modes or Mudras: a description of this fascinating aspect of NK, emanating from the work of Dr. Alan Beardall.
  • CLINICAL KINESIOLOGY TRAVEL MANUAL, 2nd Edition, Copyright 1996 by Christopher Beardall, DC and Robert Shane; All inquiries should be addressed to Christopher Beardall, DC, 1549 N. Pacific Hwy., Woodburn, OR 97071, Phone: (503) 982-6925,
    Fax: (503) 213-6020, E-mail
  • Clinical Kinesiology Web Site: resources, training, and books.