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July 1999 through December 1999


•Cavitation surgery
•Medical Intuitive
•Cavitation surgery
•Medical Intuitive
•Cavitation surgery
•Medical Intuitive
•Cavitation surgery
•Medical Intuitive
•Cavitation surgery
•Medical Intuitive

July 1999
Cavitation surgery was something to which I was not looking forward, but I was not particularly worried. I had had very good luck with my teeth throughout my life, and this procedure was no exception. It was the second of four sites that needed surgery, all of the locations where I had had my wisdom teeth removed. Both prior to and after the procedure, I was seen by a Naturopath who tested (Neural Kinesiology) me for not only which site was the priority but what remedies would be most effective in my recovery. Also during this month I met with the medical intuitive and had two acupuncture treatments to help deal with healing from my cavitation surgery. My fatigue persists, and I am increasingly moody.

August 1999
Once again I had successful cavitation surgery. I also consulted with the medical intuitive and had two acupuncture treatments to facilitate healing of the surgical site. With all of the remedies I have been taking, I am still operating largely on faith that I will improve. My joint pain, particularly my shoulders, persists as does my troublesome lower back. My inability to deal with everyday stress is most troubling and my energy level really fluctuates.

September 1999
Again, I consulted with the medical intuitive and had two acupuncture treatments to help my surgical site heal. Unfortunately, this time it wasn’t healing well; puss was coming from the site. My doctor prescribed an antibiotic to help. After a trip to a health care provider, I usually have to spend two or more days recovering from the exhaustion. I sleep well during the night and take naps, but they all too frequently seem to have little impact.

October 1999
Unfortunately, the cavitation site infection persisted, in spite of the antibiotic as well as the advice from the medical intuitive and two more acupuncture treatments.

November 1999
The dentist tried to clean out the surgical site without hurting me too much. (The local anesthetic would not block the pain.) Once again I consulted with my doctor and the medical intuitive. And I had two more acupuncture treatments, again to no avail; the infection persisted. My night sweats dramatically increased in intensity and frequency. I perspired so much I not only had to sleep in a separate bed from my wife but twice changed the beach towels on which I was lying, they became so wet.

December 1999
Revisiting the surgical site was not a pleasant experience. In that a local anesthesia would not work, my dentist recommended, and I concurred, that the best way to proceed was to dig out the site in its entirety. This time the dentist would follow my pain pathways in the area to excise the infection. Needless to say, it was painful, but not nearly as painful as the crown of thorns procedure. (See my First Progress Report: September.) This time, and with two visits to the acupuncturist and my doctor, the site healed. I also visited the medical intuitive who observed me shaking sporadically. She stated that it was my Kundalini activating. My intense night sweats persist.

•Mild fungus on chest
•Itchy bumps on legs
•Ear ringing (24/7)
•Fatigue (every day, particularly toward the end of the day)
•Raw sensation over my entire body

•Skin pealing off face during morning shower (every other day)
•Burning feet sensation (every two-three days, particularly at night)
•Sore joints
•Herpes (c. twice every 6 months)
•Irritable, irrational outbursts of anger
•Night sweats


Flower Essences
•Chicago Peace
•Orange Ruffles
•Royal Highness
•Sweet Bell Pepper (Perelandra)
•White Lightnin’


•Oligo K
•Oligo Mg
•Oligo Se
•Somaplex Multi
•Thyroidium (Unda)
•Luteinum (Unda)
•Magnesium Gluconium (Unda)
•Progesteronum (Unda)
•Unda 4
•Unda 39
•Unda 44
•Unda 243
•Thyroidium (Unda)
•Benadryl (liquid and pill)

Vitamins & Minerals
•B-Balance Liquescence
•B-5 Pantethine
•Buffered Vitamin C
•Coral Calcium
•Evening Primrose Oil
•Flax Seed Oil
•Iodine (Marco Pharma)
•Vitamin EOther
•Drink 8-12 cups of filtered water
•Diet: 30% protein, 30% fat, 40% CHO
•Sonicare Toothbrush
•Detox baths: Baking Soda alternating Epsom Salt
•BHI Allergy
•Aesculus (Marco Pharma)
•Bucco (Marco Pharma)
•Ricera (Marco Pharma)