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July 2006 through December 2006



•PET scan


•Energetic technology
•Raking moss

•Raking leaves

•Energy level improves
•Sugar intake
•Raking leaves

•Energetic technology

July 2006

I have another, the last, Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scan to determine if the malignant melanoma has returned. It hasn’t. I have another MEAD analysis in preparation for my next meeting with the naturopath/acupuncturist. While there are no signs of the cancer returning from his perspective, my body is still recovering from not only the surgeries but my years of other issues, aside from aging.

We meet with the intuitive once again. She refers to herself as a deep channel medium. It is fascinating to watch let alone participate in. She is either legitimate or a great actress. Suspicion creeps in periodically because specific predictions she has made have not occurred. Additionally, inconsistencies are showing. They are minor details, and I am hoping that my skepticism is unwarranted.

My wife and I go to the beach for a week. Soaking in the ocean feels wonderful. I so fondly remember the many wonderful times I had at the beach when I was much younger. The ocean is rejuvenating.


August 2006

We meet again with the intuitive, and my suspicions increase. Another MEAD analysis and consultation with the naturopath: I need to focus on drainage and continued vigilance for immune enhancement. This also means continuing efforts to reduce my fungus. Cancer, according to one theory, is fungal-based. I visit with the plastic surgeon for the last time. He reviews the report of my PET scan of the prior month (the results were negative) and feels around my lymph nodes for any swelling or abnormalities. He finds none. He also shows me photos of my surgery that he has saved on his computer. They look a lot worse than the sensations during or after the surgery. I was awake for it. The anesthetic was local, and I was able to converse with the surgical team throughout, except when I was told to stop gabbing in order for the surgeon to not aim at a moving target.

September 2006

The intuitive group meets for what is to be the next to the last time. My suspicions increase. I have discussed them with another member of the group, and she agrees with me.

I visit the energetic technology expert, continuing to attempt enhancing my immune system. The return of the cancer concerns me greatly.

Meanwhile, I am really excited that I can rake moss from our grass, vigorously rake leaves. It exercises my entire body, and I feel like I am running wind sprints. Not only is it invigorating it is a wonderful emotional release.


October 2006

We gather for what is the last visit with the intuitive. It is now obvious that she has been faking. While I am dismayed at my having fallen for it, I am even more distressed and angry with her. I feel betrayed because I have been. A number of well intentioned people and I were played. I wonder how she faces each day, but then I am projecting.

I get a bad case of oral herpes that lasts for eight days. This is the first oral outbreak I can recall in many years. I also have an outbreak of genital herpes that lasts for only three days. I have found that applying Lymphomyosot gel directly to the outbreak really shortens the time it is present. And the earlier I can detect it and apply the gel the better. I am convinced that I have prevented outbreaks by applying the gel when I sense the first itching sensation but cannot see or feel an outbreak.

Raking leaves and moss is the source of a continuing high for me. This is the most physically active I have been in years. If only my hips weren’t such a problem. Nevertheless, I am so pleased to be doing this well.

November 2006

I have nothing to report this month that is unique other than my energy level seems to be improving. I have also dramatically increased my vegetable intake and I don’t have cravings for sugar that plagued me up to a couple of years ago. I am improving. I give particular thanks at this time of thanks giving. Raking leaves: it is such a continuing pleasure.


December 2006

My visits to the energetic technologist have significantly decreased in frequency. This month I visit him for what will be the last time for several months. I am grateful that I have survived the year but remain concerned about my fatigue, slow brain, inability to handle stress, ear ringing and fungus.

But another problem has arisen. For the past several years, my hips have been causing me increasing discomfort. One example, when I have been sitting for any period of time and stand up I have to push my left, and sometimes my right, hip bone back into the socket. Otherwise I cannot walk. Needless to say it is painful. So I pay a visit to my orthopedist who recommends exploring hip arthroscopy. I had never heard of it, but it made sense. I wonder if arthroscopic surgery can be performed on your shoulders or knees, why not on your hips. I begin to get concerned about the post-surgical pain as well. It was really significant after my shoulders, what about my hips?


•Ear ringing
•Slow brain

•Shedding skin from face
•Hip difficulties


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Perna Plus
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Lacto S Plus
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