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January 2003 through June 2003


massive eruption of fungus, strong candida odor, facial herpes, gradual increase in energy, diarrhea for days, NeproTec, F Scan, Scalar, back “out”, what are toxins’ effect on my personality and who is the “real” me.
Acupuncture: April, May, June/2
Cliff: April, May
Shane: June

•Massive detoxification
•Large doses of remedies
•Gastrointestinal & digestive disturbances
•Remedies supporting my
•Medical intuitive
•Cranial sacral therapy
•Diminished remedy intake
•Some old symptoms return
•No remedies taken
•Increased fatigue
•Cranial sacral therapy

January 2003
My detoxification symptoms resulting from the My AminoPlex are numerous. Bleeding hemorrhoids, aching all over, joint pain, and headaches, to name a few. I am feeling stressed quite frequently. And I am taking massive amounts of remedies. Odors are coming from my body that I have never encountered before. Diarrhea lasts for days at a time. I take walks for up to 30 minutes for exercise and stress relief.

February 2003
My detox symptoms are diminishing, but it isn’t easy. My relief at the disappearance of Mr. Hyde, my totally irrational angry outbursts, persists. But another problem has arisen. My self-confidence has really taken a hit. Biochemistry has shown itself to play an incredible role in my emotional state. Is what I feel “really” me? How can I tell if my brain’s biochemistry is off and what I’m feeling is the result of inadequate or too much of some chemical? The implications for individual counseling/psychology/psychiatry are fundamental. All of the counseling in the world will be virtually irrelevant if one’s biochemistry is off. The significance for my life and how I think about it are almost overwhelming. While I am so terribly relieved that Mr. Hyde is gone, my identity and my self-confidence are challenged in a way that is reminiscent of adolescence (by far the most excruciating time of my life).

 March 2003
The dosage and frequency of my remedies diminishes throughout this month until the last week when I take none. I test to drink coffee, I assume to continue to flush my systems. I also visit a medical intuitive who I hope will bring me some additional insight, comfort and maybe relief, but to no avail. My right shoulder has been making great progress, and I am so relieved to have my dominant arm/hand back. It still needs a great deal more strengthening, but I am able to use it with decreasing discomfort. To open up my meridians, various acupuncture points are stimulated periodically throughout the month. I hope it helps diminish my symptoms.

April 2003
It was too good to be true, but I enjoyed my one week without remedies and am now back on them, particularly the My AminoPlex. My ear ringing is much more pronounced and fatigue has returned as well as night sweats and raw spots all over my body. I wonder if this could be a precursor to shingles. My back is giving me problems so I visit a cranial sacral therapist who really helps me. I also visit an acupuncturist, continuing my hope that the treatment will be supportive of my detoxification and alleviate some of my symptoms.

May 2003
This month I do not test positive for any remedies: what a relief. But I still keep the My AminoPlex near. Nevertheless, the ear ringing, night sweats, raw spots and fatigue that arose last month continue throughout May. Once again I visit a cranial sacral therapist for my back, which persists in causing me discomfort. I also visit the acupuncturist this month.

June 2003
This month I visit a healthcare provider who is totally new to me. He specializes in not only Clinical Kinesiology but also energetic technologies. I use a 3000, have the QXCI and F Scan applied to me as well as the scalar. With another practitioner prolotherapy and Body Talk used. Perhaps all of this works on some energetic level that I cannot perceive, because I don’t notice any significant change or alleviation of symptoms: body pain, raw spots, and fatigue. I conclude the month and this six months with a visit to an acupuncturist: I do notice a change with this treatment, albeit temporarily.

•Fungus on chest, back, and arms
•Itchy bumps
•Ear ringing (24/7)
•Decreasingly immobile, painful right shoulder (gradually improving throughout the six months)

•Skin pealing off face during morning shower (every other day)
•Burning feet sensation (every two-three days, particularly at night)
•Sore joints
•Herpes (c. twice every 6 months)
•Fatigue (every other day, particularly toward the end of the day)


Essential Oils

Flower Essences


•Coenzyme Compositum
-Ficas Carica
-Juglans Nigra
-Juglans Reggia
-Juniperus Communis
•Mezereum Homaccord
•Ranunculus Homaccord
•Spasm Pain
•Ubichinon Compositum

•Pleo Chrys
•Pleo Cup
•Pleo Muc Ex
•Pleo Not Ointment
•Pleo San Burcel
•Pleo San Cand
•Pleo San Myc
•Pleo Thym
•Pleo Ut

•Benadryl (liquid and pill)

Vitamins and Minerals
•Betaine HCl
•DMSA And Alpha Lipoic Acid
•NeproTec I&II
•Peltier Water
•Somaplex Multi 21
•Sulf Redox,
•Vitamin C
•Vitamin E

•Cleared Thiamine Chloride
•Hmf Forte
•Karoks Oil
•L Arginine
•Metabolic Vermin-Fuge
•My Aminoplex
•Ultraclear Sustain